BORN n BREAD collective at W Project x Tate Exchange symposium



It wouldn’t be a special evening without the right tunes setting the mood. Which is why we are very excited the incredible ladies from BORN n BREAD will join our W Project x Tate Exchange symposium with a special DJ set! BORN n BREAD is a collective consisting of friends Adelaide Lawson, Abigail Jackson, Olivia Jackson, Chika Wilson and Stephanie Sesay. After feeling young, black women weren’t properly represented in the media they formed the collective in 2013 and created their first BORN n BREAD zine to explore topics of music, culture and nostalgia that wouldn’t have an outlet otherwise. Apart from filling a niche with their unapologetic zine that is now in its third issue (African Tales), BORN n BREAD have become a constant in London’s music scene serving the finest in hip hop and r’n’b as NTS radio hosts and DJs at events such as Gal Dem’s V&A takeover, Rising Soundclash at Roundhouse Rising Festival and NTS x Uniqlo Tate Lates among many, many others.

W Project spoke to these inspiring women, asking them what the fine art world and mainstream culture can learn from the creative underground scene in terms of diversity, “With the rise of DIY culture there has been an influx of artist reverting back to reality as an art form. We were verging back to our culture and environments and finding the beauty in where we come from which is great to draw inspiration from. For example, familiar landscapes,  fashion or even figures which is something even someone who does not understand the literature behind fine art can find an understanding and relate to.”

In the past years we’ve seen an amazing ascent of female crews such as BORN n BREAD, bringing their own ideas and projects to life, filling the gap and representing women that have been underrepresented for too long. Coming all together during events reminds us at W Project why we are doing what we are doing which is why we asked BORN n BREAD why they think regular events like the W Project x Tate Exchange symposium remain such an important part of the process towards a more diverse representation of artists, be it inside or outside of the gallery space, “Bridging the gap and breaking down the ideals of who belongs to what space is very important to us. Seeing people in our age group, social class and environment is extremely important for young people and also ourselves. Discussing the diversity and the representation of fantastic people doing amazing things within these spaces should continue to thrive as it is very inspiring.”

The ladies of BORN n BREAD will be DJ’n at W Project x Tate Exchange symposium – The Future of Curation.

Listen to BORN n BREAD on NTS and follow them on IG @bornnbread 

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