The Power of the Pack

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“Women will draw doors where there are none, and open them pass through into new ways and new lives. Because the wild nature persist and prevails, women persist and prevail.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The W Project’s goal has been and continues to be the same – to shine a light on all the women the mainstream media doesn’t. Women who with their creativity and talent challenge the norm, break stereotypes and set the example every single day by doing what they believe in, unyieldingly. Strong, unapologetic and wild.

And so we’ve decided to keep on celebrating the women that inspire us every day under a series of themes. Our first theme will explore the power of the pack. We’ve been connecting with inspiring wild women and their packs to explore the influence the strength in numbers brings to themselves and their creative work. Be it art, music, film or sports, collectives and crews are showing us the importance of belonging, restoring our innate sense of community.

So to all urban foxes out there, come find us and stay tuned.

“The hallmark of the wild nature is that it goes on. It perseveres. That is not something we do. It is something we are, naturally and innately. When we cannot thrive, we go on till we can thrive again. Whether it be our creative life that we are cut away from, whether it be a culture or a religion we are cast out of, whether it be a familial exiling, a banishment by a group, or sanctions on our movements, thoughts, and feelings, the inner wild life continues and we go on. The wild nature is not native to any particular ethnic group. It is at the core of women from Benin, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone. It is the center of Guatemalan women, Haitian women, Polynesian women. Name a country. Name a race. Name a religion. Name a tribe. Name a city, a village, a lone outpost. The women all have this in common – the Wild Woman, the wild soul. They all go on feeling for and following the wild.

So, if women must, they will paint sky on jail walls. If the skeins are burnt, they will spin more. If the harvest is destroyed they will sow more immediately. Women will draw doors where there are none, and open them pass through into new ways and new lives. Because the wild nature persists and prevails, women persist and prevail.”

-Excerpt from Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book Women Who Run With the Wolves (1995) –