The female stereotype is dead. Long live the role model

We champion women working in the creative industries. We empower women and girls by bringing female role models to the fore. We build the platform for connection and inspiration for everyone so real-life change can take root. We don’t allow their challenges to go unheard — we’re providing the forum for them to live in stereo, not stereotypes.

Positivity is the new normal

We can’t rely on the media to provide positive female role models. So we’re here to stem the tide of distorted messages, hyped notions of beauty and limiting social expectations. By showcasing real female role models and emerging talent in the creative fields, and living it through workshops and tangible projects, we’re squeezing out negativity and releasing young women’s potential to benefit everyone.

To look up we only need to look around

There’s inspiration all around us, we just need to know where to look. That’s why we’re widening access to careers in the creative industries by introducing young women from all backgrounds to our extended network of creative professionals. Just as we’re blessed by the talent of our collective, we use this to coax out talent in others — starting in our local communities. We don’t believe in the didactic — we exist to help people create their own future.

Take a look at our projects to see the sorts of things we do as part of our mission.